Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Spot of Narcissism

I went to the library the Sunday before last. It feels good to read again. I have been starved for intellectual stimulation and my imagination has been kept at a standstill for too long.

I realized that I am a visual person. Very visual. It is a good thing that I have a vivid imagination.

I am reminded that I can sleep any time, any where, any how, any way. My camp mates know. I nearly drowned in a bowl of mee soto after a 9km run after breakfast.

Work is busy. It feels good to move ahead, and it feels good to rest.

I am a compulsive entrepreneur. Now if only I'll get my butt moving, I'll be a loaded compulsive entrepreneur.

I come up with ideas. I need someone else to plan and kick my butt. Once the plan is established, I can run with it.

In the book "Tactics of Mistake" by Gordon R. Dickson, the military unit is under the control of 2 people. One, the planner, or the tactics specialist. He plans. Two, the executor, or the field general. It is a good arrangement. Both roles requires virtually mutually exclusive qualities in the person, and both extremes are required for any successful plan/execution/outfit.

How shall I implement this where I am right now?

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