Friday, March 16, 2007


I cannot frigging believe this.

Right now I am in Bangkok, doing another pseudo Amazing Race back to Singapore.

What. The. Fuck.

Flights to fucking everywhere in the world to every part of fucking Asia and the rest of the world, and not one, to Singapore. Not ONE! The last one left at 8 from Tiger Airways, and now I have a lovely 8 hours to perfect my impression of a homeless person.

It is official. The Thais hate us.

That being said, the new airport terminal looks almost exactly like terminal 2. Loads of glass and steel and no concrete. Guess we're not the only ones short of construction material. :P

Pictures when I finally touch down and take a shower.

Goodbye Yangon. Hello Amazing Race Asia 2!

PS. There are some truly good looking women here. Guess Thai curry isn't the only thing that's hot in this country. Let's go see if yours truly can go spread some love around and improve international relations. ;)

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