Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Would People Say?

This I got from an article by Robert Ringer. It is the self-eulogy of a man called Harry Browne, an author and a TV talkshow host.

Setting Your Sights

As I look back over my life, I can see so many ways in which I could have done things better than I did, and I certainly wish I'd learned a lot of things sooner than I did.

And yet I have enjoyed a wonderful life. I'm married to the ideal woman. I have had the good fortune to be associated in business with highly competent, honest, compatible people. I've had a book that was #1 on the best-seller list, and others that sold well above average. I've had first-class friends in many different areas of my life. I've been able to live in three countries and enjoy the best the world has to offer. I was honored to be the Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.

To have made so many mistakes, and yet to have had so much. It proves that you don't have to be perfect to succeed.

When I die (if ever), I'd like the epitaph on my tombstone to read:

"I didn't do everything I wanted to do,I didn't become everything I wanted to be,But because I aimed for the stars,I reached the top of the world."

I don't advise being careless or sloppy. I do advise that you hold fast to your beliefs and act in the best way you know how--but then forgive yourself whenever you fail to measure up to your standards.

You will never be perfect. But you can be free and happy.

I hope you make it.

~Harry Browne

So what's your life gonna be like, and how will it be reflected in your funeral?

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