Monday, March 12, 2007

Last Words

A quick one, before I head off to Myanmar again. It is unfinished, and when I come back I will polish this further.

I didn't really want to go to church today. Maybe it's cos I am tired from going on Friday and Saturday, or maybe I just wanted some time alone with my thoughts before I headed off. Whatever the case may be, I went anyway.

At the end of the sermon, I was actually glad I went. Nope, no sudden flash of faith, or rapture, or spiritual enlightenment. More an affirmation, a lesson rammed home.

That sometimes, we may have an overwhelming desire for something, or we have a dream we keep close to our hearts. It might be strange, far-out and honestly given the current circumstance, well-nigh impossible.


Take that first step, be brave and don't procrastinate. Others may give you a thousand and one really good reasons why it cannot be done. People around you who care for you, don't want you to be disappointed, or to face the pain of failure. They want you comfortable, protected from all the stress, strain, pain and disappointments that might happen to you.

They are not wrong. But at the same time that you are insulated from life, you end up not living.
It is in the same strain, pain and tribulation, and in the RISK of failure that we do our best work. It's in uncertainty and trials that we truly shine.

Perhaps, the power and value of dreams and hope lie not in the eventual fulfilment, but rather in the way it influences our journey to that goal.


Lyd said...

Bro.. you must bring me along one of these days.

The Horny Bitch said...


Vandalin said...

lyd - no prob. all we need is hmm $2k in travelling funds, 1 whole month, and oh, absolutely no plan about where we are going or what we're doing.

HB - :P