Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rest Well My Friend

I'm sorry I didn't know until yesterday. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to say goodbye.

Thanks for the Hoegaardens that you always split with me the first thing I arrive at the bar every time.

Thank you, for sharing your dreams and excitement of being a dad for the first time.

Thank you, for the pranks you pulled on me, and we, on the other customers.

Thank you, for sharing with me what you wanted to do, so your family can have a better life.

Thank you, and I'll miss you Halid. There will be one more name to remember when the song plays.


tianhong said...

hey dun be sad. take care dude

Nicole said...

It stings, doesnt it. The day before he got married (oh what a night), the day he told us he was having a kid, the day he shone with pride when he spoke of his little baby girl.

Fuck this feels bad.

The Horny Bitch said...


Vandalin said...

TH - yeah I'll live. Hopefully live better.

Nicole - Lots of memories, and many of them wonderful.

HB - :)

Jason Ho said... sucks losing a friend eh? Hang in there buddy...

Vandalin said...

jase - yeah it does. Gotta get together and drink a cold one to all the folks who's gone before us.