Friday, April 11, 2008

Top Secret Access

There are 2 kinds of people with Top Secret access to even the most secure of all places in the world.

The person with coffee in his hands, and the one with the broom.

Never look down on anybody.

On that note, there are 2 kinds of people that wear anything they want in a high level corporate office. The boss and the sweeper. Chances are, you'll never quite figure out which is which.


tianhong said...

juz like the shaolin monastery. the strongest guy is always the lao ah pek sweeping the floor. dun believe? ask jinyong

precious said...

My aunt is the tea lady to a royal prince in Malaysia. Sometimes, she is requested to be the sole waitress/chef for private dinner meetings. Sometimes, she is requested to go shopping with his aged mother.

You're right about the top secret access, and my aunt doesn't spill any beans to us so we have zero access.

Vandalin said...

TH - yep. piss off the old man and he shoves the broomstick up the bad guy's arse.

precious - thank goodness we don't live in feudal times of China, where the trusted men/women servers sometimes get purposely muted, so they can't talk.