Monday, October 04, 2010

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

I was headed for JKD today when I bumped into a friend of mine who told me about a run in with two Ang Mohs on the MRT that were drinking beer and smoking. Yup, IN the MRT.

They were rude, and when a lady told them to stub out the ciggies, they essentially told her to piss off cos they paid so much money to smoke in Singapore. Eventually, they got shoved off at the next stop.

My friend then told me how much she hated Ang Mohs then.

A few questions then come to mind.

Is bad behaviour limited to ang mohs in Singapore? We are not exactly pillars of grace and culture either, even in our own country are we? If there is one thing that transcends time, space and skin colour, it's asshole behaviour and arrogance. especially when drunk.

Is this how the people in other countries view the ungracious Singaporean? Especially when we flash our money ard and act all superior.

Are we guilty of racism as well?

And finally, on the topic of employment, no, I do not despise or condemn the "foreign talent" that come to Singapore to work, getting an expat package and all.

Nope, if there's anyone to blame, i blame 1. the companies that believe it necessary, 2. the circumstance that cause the companies that believe so, and 3. our own people that did not step up to the plate.

Because let's face it. a good number of us just aren't that good at communicting, nor are we gonna step out of our comfort zone to get better. And communication, is more than half the game in a business environment.

So when it comes to our pledge, if we wanna bitch at being prejudiced against, isn't it about time we did something about it ourselves rather than have the gahmen intervene?

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