Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Conversation With The MM

Frankly, I haven't dared to watch the conversation with the MM. Yep, me. I'd fight lions barehanded and swim through the Amazon buck naked, rather than sit through an hour of current affairs with MM Lee.

For those with more guts, you can catch it here.

Is it because I have certain deep-seated beliefs about the man, that I do not want debunked? Or perhaps I am afraid I see the reflection of myself in the youths that have a chance to talk to the MAN? Or maybe, I don't want to cringe at our "representatives" fuck up? After all, when was the last time you saw yourself on camera, or heard a recording of yourself. Know that kinda feeling? Yup.

Let me just say this for the record. I have an enormous amount of respect for this guy. ENORMOUS. Look, say what you want. Like it or not, this man carved out the WHOLE of modern Singapore, in his image. Doing something like that, requires BALLS the size and constitution of those huge iron spheres used to tear down buildings. Like it or not, the society we live in now, is largely built, in his image.

That being said, the absolute first thing I'm ever gonna tell the MM, is this. Sir, I totally respect you. However, I still think you're a bastard.

In his defense, the man needed to be one. The same way a leader's gotta do what's right, not what's popular, and be glorified or be damned by his decisions. And in this case, being a leader means forcibly ramming a particular image of Singapore down everybody's throat, up everybody's behind, sans foreplay, touchy-feely, without lube.

Those of you who have been leaders before know how hard this can be. But truly, there are times, probably many times, one's gotta do what's right, even if it means hurting people.

Do the ends justify the means? Maybe, maybe not. But fact of the matter is, we are now able to discuss this question here, at the coffeeshop, at 3am in the morning, without need for a bodyguard, OR be packing heat. And not USUALLY have the beer bottles turned into assault weapons.

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