Sunday, April 09, 2006

Debunking Beauty's Myth

"Because Beauty, it's not the same as being popular"
- L.E. Modesitt "Archform: Beauty"

Strange isn't it? And again the grain of what we "know" to be true.

Most folks believe that beauty and popularity are synonymous. Is it? Thinking back, I realize that maybe, just maybe, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Beauty is admired, sought after, desired. Some people go through great lengths to obtain this ideal. Even have competitions for it. However, frankly, whether it be beauty queens, or musicians, or great thinkers, creaters and keepers of beauty all have one thing in common. They end up lonely.

Maybe it's the pedestal they're put on, or the rarity of finding someone you can have a normal conversation with, or someone to talk at the same level as them. Perhaps the rarity of the thing that they possess sets them apart from the masses and as such, they may gain admiration, but frankly, they lose popularity. The acceptance of the public as "one of us".

Beauty challenges, puts forth an ideal, a standard. To the masses, the ones where comfort and status quo are such important things, can beauty and the desire for beauty and the introduction of such a goal BE, possibly, popular? Or will beauty be something admired from afar, desired, but always slightly aloof?


zlel said...

that's why people don't dig high art anymore... and all around us is uhm POPULAR culture... singers and actors don't have to give THE best or even THEIR best. as long as they are popular, they sell...

if it's not making sense, it's probably the hour...

Vandalin said...

True. Money is a test of popularity, not ability.

Yet in all cases, one must have balance. Study the great works. Then after that, agree to disagree if one so chooses.