Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Up to my Eyeballs

Gotta run... this week is moving week. Going to the office in Adelphi, and then it's office opening tomorrow!

8:28am. Hmm... how many people here believe in Fengshui anyways, I wonder?


sÞ¡ηηєє said...

fengshui is paramount in life, but dun be overcrazy over it ;)

zlel said...

methinks fengshui is about human-environment interaction, distilled and formularised. just like how ying-yang is such a central analogy in chinese medicine (i say "analogy" because sometimes "ying-yang" is to me a bit like "true-false" - concepts that are defined into existence).

and how does human-environment interaction make your business prosper etc etc? happy people make business happy mahhhh

gen4sure said...

i ENJOY feng shui..and sometimes i think it has the factors that make the business tick.think about the fengshui of UOB vs OUB..... if u dun know... ask me..... that is a TRUE example of successful fengshui

Anonymous said...

Cool.. now u work in town??

Vandalin said...

Yeah, right next to Funan.

Gen, next time you come back to sg, I bring you over to my office to look see. The guy that did it supposedly is the same guy that did the Grand Hyatt.

zlel - agree, it's all about what affects you as a person instead of any mystical quality about the place isn't it?

spinnee - don't subscribe to it personally, but my partner does, so whatever makes him happy, I guess.