Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Need for Space

Strange thing really. But I find myself getting a little distant from people nowadays. Even when I'm given the opportunity to hang out, or some free time, I end up hanging at home, or at the office. Almost as if I actually like being by myself... Why's that? Eh, I'm suppose to be pure extrovert leh!

Alone, but strangely not lonely. Hmm... Maybe my narcissism has grown. Again. HAH!


DirtyDancer said...

got me thinking...

all my life people have called me extrovert... so much so that i actually believed and felt that i had a duty to act like one.

in recent years though, i realise that however attention-seeking i am at times, when i'm tired, or feeling a little down, i just want to go home, pig out on ben and jerry's and read or watch tv. i even like eating out, having a nice lunch or dinner by myself.

i guess being with people can make me tired. i hate having to be charming and sweet and funny all the time because friends expect that from me. i hate having to nod and agree with people's opinions because giving an alternative viewpoint will draw gasps and expressions of shock.

it's such an act i put up.

you know, till this day, ppl still describe me as an extrovert but in all honesty, i really don't think it's all that accurate

The Horny Bitch said...

Muz be cos u blog too much that's y don feel like talking to people.

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

hehehe sound like me.

i guess as time goes by, u realise what u really want is time of your own.

you rather entertain yourself than to wear a mask & entertain the rest.

Kismet said...

Same! Totally agree with you bro. Been feeling the same.