Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I crave intellectual stimulation.

I feel a need to grow, physically, mentally and emotionally. I sense an impatience in me to devour new experience and learn from them, personally or vicariously through other people.

The hunger beckons, and I cannot wait to rush till the end of the year, where I finally will be able to shake of the shackles of normality and embrace the flood of new sensations and thoughts that travelling gives me.

Where shall I go?
1. Hong Kong, this time for leisure?
2. Australia (finally) and see if Ozzie parties are really as wild as friends claim
3. Myanmmar, to visit those who I still miss at the back of my mind
4. South Africa, and get smashed at the vineyards
5. Full Moon Party (But I have reservist. On the other hand, deferrment is but a letter away)

Ah, decisions, decisions... Wanderlust is engulfing my soul.


Sexual Innuendo said...

Myanmar and S.A seems like a better choice to me. HK and australia are too common already.

Then again a person of your calibre will always find fun no matter where you are.

DirtyDancer said...

punte del este! uruguay!

if you have cash to burn, that is, cos the last i checked, an air ticket costs something in the vicinity of $5,000.

sorry, i've always been fascinated with south america. but i reckon south africa and its neverending stretches of the serengeti will make an awsome holiday too.

Vandalin said...

SI - but I have never been to Oz in my life. And I have no idea where else to get funky imitation clubbing shoes. Mine's worn out already.

DD - I, too, want to visit Latin America before I die. So many things to do. The beaches of Brazil, the cigars in Cuba, and salsa in every corner.