Saturday, August 12, 2006

On the flip side

After talking about KTVs for men, I'm sure there is the female equivalent as well.

Lonely housewives suffering from attention deficiency HAVE to have an outlet SOMEWHERE.

Thing is, women are just better at keeping things under wraps.

And so, the search continues...


Sexual Innuendo said...

As far as i know, there might not be any here.

In japan, there are clubs that offer MALE hostesses to entertain those lonely housewives that you mentioned and its a roaring trade over there right now.

Maybe you might want to look into this venture? lol

DirtyDancer said...

vibrator lah, aiyo.

it sometimes works just as well as the real thing. ;)

Jess said...

Let me give you a hint.. ballroom, Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Latin..

Vandalin said...

SI - I'm thinking about it. Interested in a joint venture?

DD - Was it coke that had the tagline, Can't beat the Real Thing?

Jess - Hmm men use singing to cover up, and women use... "dancing"? Interesting, very very interesting...

Jess said...

We don't call them male hotess, we call them consorts, I already have a business plan for such a biz. Serious.

Never heard of the 1000 bucks per session dancing? It's pure dancing alright, with deliously handsome young studs.

DirtyDancer said...

maybe it's just me. but where is the satisfaction of dancing with a hunky bod and gorgeous face when you know he's being paid to keep you company?

i'm not content unless i know that i can conquer flesh, mind and emotion.

it's caused me immense anguish when i can't get all the three components. (ie his desire to want to screw me, his desire to want to love me, his desire to want to know me)

and i can be so horrible because once i get, i drop. mission accomplished. challenge overcome.

Jess said...

Not everyone have the advantage of time, beauty and youth. These women are in their 40~50s, at the peak of their career and just needs to feel wanted again.

The satisfaction comes from knowing that the money that they had worked so hard for, can buy them anything.