Wednesday, August 09, 2006


You know how most folks in the world love fireworks?

Fact of the matter is, that looking at fireworks do not make me smile. Oh, the sense of kinship with 237 people blocking the road in downtown Singapore is good, and it IS an excuse to get out of the office, but fireworks by themselves?

They actually make me reflect.

I remember the reason why I believe people think fireworks are beautiful.

Because they are so intermittent.

Because they are rare, and they exist only in an instant of bright colours, and fade away into the memories of the people that watch them.

I remember that life is almost the same way. That the life of humans, like fireworks, flash across the canvas of eternity like a blazing brushstroke, and then is gone.

It is almost ironic, but the same thing that ends life is the thing that makes it precious, beautiful.

Because there is a danger of it ending at any time, therefore we treasure life. We cling onto every moment and try to make the best of it.

We hope, that when we die, we go with a blaze of glory, and then live on in the memories of the people who remember us.

So the next time you see fireworks, raise a drink to yourself. Be thankful for the time you have, and reflect a little, and think a little about yourself as well.

Maybe that's why the end of days is not revealed to us. That way, we get so much more done, that lying around and waiting.

Smart move, God. Cheers.


DirtyDancer said...

erm, ok. i would love to reflect upon the beauty of life, and how fleeting and precious it is the next time i catch a fireworks display.

but i am such a wimp.

i am all of 29, yet fireworks do not inspire me. that popping, that flashing, that whizzing... fireworks scare the fricking living daylights out of me. i'm paranoid that one day, one of those orange yellow pieces are going to fall from the sky, land right smack on top of my head, and set me on blazing fireworks fire.

yes, it's dumb. but fireworks scare me.

DirtyDancer said...

oh... and before i forget... happy national day. :D

Vandalin said...

Oh yeah it does, it inspires you to fear. Heh.

Working on National Day. But right back at ya, beautiful.

Jaschocolate said...

Well, humans love beautiful things.. Happy National Day! :p

Jess said...

Fireworks.. I think I'm too jaded.. all I can think of is.. shit, that's another 5000 bucks of our taxes up in flames.

Beauty is never cheap.

Vandalin said...

Jaschocolate - Likewise to ya.

Jess: hey... either that or it goes into the treasury of the Lee dynasty. Me? I don't mind, as long as they don't raise my tax rate.

Not as if they're gonna start subsidizing public transport, OR get newer books for the library.

Jess said...

Actually they do get new books for the library, it's just that you don't see them till the librarians are done with them.

Ah.. the perks of being a librarian, 40 books limit, 6 weeks loan period with 1 free renewal. And free pick of the latest and newest books.

Vandalin said...

Jess - Ah, another career path for after retirement.