Friday, February 15, 2008

By the Power Invested In Me By Blogger...

Social media is powerful.

I was always aware of it. Now, I have it right smacked in my face after meeting the frontrunners of this media. Andy opened the door through a Slingers game. Now, I am introduced to a world where I can change with a keyboard, a screen and high speed internet.

It is also due to these wonderful people that I have met, that I have picked up a few hmm.... habits.

I actually carry a camera around sometimes. A real, honest-to-goodness Sony Camera. It's old, but it has a one-gig memory card.

I have become trigger-happy. Watch out life and evil doers. Your face will not be anonymous anymore.

I actually know what page rank means. I still don't care about it, unless I have a bet on it.

The location of coffee and makan is partially determined by the availability of power points and Wifi.

That being said, I hereby make a solemn promise. I will never, ever be a page traffic whore. Ever. Even though the ego masturbation from getting tomorrow-ed did feel pretty good...

All in all, my blog will remain as it always has been. A receptacle of my thoughts, rather than a chronology of my life. Life is interesting, but fleeting. Ideas, last forever.

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