Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What I Learnt From Every Race In Singapore.

There's so many things to learn from everything and everyone in the world. I thought about this some time back, but here it is, immortalized from posterity.

I realized that after hanging out with all 4 races in Singapore, I have learnt something from each and everyone of them .

From the Ang Moh, I learnt how to be confident, even when you have nothing to be confident about.

From the Indian, I learnt how to tok cock, even if there's no poultry.

From the Malays, I learnt how to relak one corner.

And from the Chinese, I learnt how to be a bastard.

All important lessons, if used wisely.


Tianhong said...

chinese ain't that bad right? :)

kaye said...

from the chinese - how to be selfish?

pretty accurate observations though. heh.

Vandalin said...

TH - read Sun Tze Art of War and the 36 strategies. We're bastards.

kaye - what have you learnt from the Koreans?

precious said...

Relak le brudder.

Vandalin said...

precious: no worries sista... i is relak. work a lot, but relak lah.

Solo Bear said...

Hello my fellow Singaporean (you are are Singie too, aren’t you?)

When I read your post I wanted to laugh. Very the accurate one leh. At first I think that it is a bit harsh for you to think me as a bastard. But then hor, I think we Chinese got more derogatory terms for other races than other races got for us. So you are quite justified to think that way lor.

On a serious note, I have also commented on the racial (discrimination) aspects of Singapore on my blog. Here is the article - If I told you Singapore has racist policies, would you believe me?

I think, you being a minority race Singaporean (you are are Singie too, aren’t you?) will be able to see it better than most bastard Chinese like myself. Feel free to comment and give me feedback so that I can “bastardise” my article further! Ha ha.

Solo Bear said...


Apologies, I thought you are from a minority race.

Vandalin said...

solo - interesting read. And yeah, I'm Singaporean, and chinese.

Most of my non-chinese friends get a surprise when I call my own race bastards. Then I give proof. The Spanish Inquisition are pussies next to us.

Onlooker said...

Of course We Chinese are selfish just look at our gahmen and you will see.
Actually I think people who condemns gays are inherently gay too.
hint google R sen Larry Criag
he gave away his tendencies in a Minneapolis's airport toilet and identify himself as a