Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My 2nd PROPER Slingers Game

Nothing, I swore NOTHING was gonna keep me away from this game. I might have a ton of work lined up, I may be dying from flu after my trip to KL. Traffic may be shitty, and some joker bought up ALL the bloody coupons at both 7-11s near the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Despite ALL of that, I. WILL. GET. TO. THE. GAME.

And I'm glad I did.

Met all the usual suspects. And it seems that this time, everyone's seperated between the alcoholic box and the non-alcoholic box. I, of course, joined the NON-alcoholic box so I can lay my hands on all the spare beer.

Now booze aside, the game was good. Notable achievements as follows.

Slingers frigging OWNED the Dragons.

The referee kayu-ed. That means that they were treated to a little bit of Singapore culture. How they took it, remained to be seen.

After watching the folks from Air Asia shoot, I thank God that I'm not the only one that suck at basketball. In future, I'm getting a proxy to shoot for me.

Letting out a whole month of stress screaming my head off, and helping myself to the liquid refreshment. Waste not, want not. Especially in the non-alcoholic segment. *Hic*

Meeting my friend Sara-Ann FINALLY. I was beginning to think that Karma is keeping us apart.

The Slinger Gals are pretty hot, as usual. Now if I can only talk to them.

The Goonfather got a higher beer tower than me. I'd like to think that it's only because he started earlier. But I was sick, and my new year resolution is still in force.

Lennie and Jason were there giving a running commentary. They're got a heck of a lot more fun to listen to than "Strong D Man".

I forgot to bring my camera. It's peer pressure to get one I tell you. I believe that we have a higher person-to-camera than anyone else in the stadium. Definitely a higher memory-card-to-person ratio. Peer pressure!

Jean and Alice teams up to record the entire game. One shoots the other videos. My goodness. what a team.

I hereby put in my vote to have Lennie and Jason as the official commentators for the game, instead of Strong D man.

The next home game is gonna be the 13th of Feb. I. WILL. BE. THERE.

There'll be the million dollar shoot out (of which I strongly recommend this one blogger I know) but it'll be interesting to see if anyone actually wins the million bucks, and gain instant friends.

How about it folks? Anyone for a shot at instant friends?


The Horny Bitch said...

My throw is only 1/4 of the court...


Jason Ho said...

We will be there at the game!! ;)

See u on Wed bro..