Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chawamushi recipe

Okay... since some of the good folk of the bar asked for it, here's the recipe for chawamushi, vandalin-style. It's simple. just bloody tedious. Actually since a lot of the effort goes into making the stock, it's easier to make for more people.

Ingredients (makes for 2):

Bonito Flavouring - 1 pack
Prawns - 2
Crabsticks - 2 pieces
Mushrooms - 2 pieces
Water about 500ml
salt - 1.5 teaspoons
Eggs - 2

How to do it:

Chawamushi making comes in 2 parts. Making the stock, then putting everything together and steaming the chawa

Making the stock:
Put water in saucepan, add salt and heat.
Deshell the prawns and chuck all the shells into the water.
Boil for about 30 minutes or until you think all the flavour of the prawn shells have come out. Fire should be high in the first ten minutes and then medium low afterwards.
In the last 5 minutes, add the bonito flavouring and stir well.

Remove prawn shells and cool to room temperature. (I usually use a few ice cubes)

Making the Chawa:
Mix eggs and stock in roughly about 2 parts egg:5 parts stock.

IMPT: it is fucking critical to stir gently when you mix the eggs and stock. As little air into the mixture as possible

Cut up prawn, crab stick and mushrooms and split them into 2 bowls

Divide up the egg mixture into the 2 bowls. The mushrooms will float for some reason. I can never ever make them stay at the bottom.

Cover the top of the bowls with aluminium foil and put into a steamer. If you're using a wok with water inside, make sure the bowl doesn't come into direct contact with the water.

Steam lightly for 20 min to half an hour. Lightly means the water is bubbling but lightly.

The chawamushi is ready when you see that the top is firm and if you poke the surface with a fork, the stock comes out clear.

ENJOY! Pictures akan datang.


rinaz said...

Pwah! Vandalin can cook! Bravo

Ariel said...

Sounds really tedious ... haha ...

sfee said...

THANKYOUU! will try! :)

Jess said...

wah.. u actually bother to boil the stock, I just throw the bonito powder in and that's it..
no wonder your girl loves it so much :p

Vandalin said...

rinaz: trade recipe time!

ariel: that it is.

sfee: tell me how it is after you've tried!

jess: or else if you just peel the prawn shells and throw away like a bit waste leh...