Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Defining Who We Are

One of the best phrases I have heard recently is, "We decide ourselves who we want to be. Subconsciously, or consciously, every decision and every action defines, reinforces and redefines who we choose to be."

This was initially addressed to a colleague of mine, but when I look around, I see it everywhere. As we get older, we move into certain comfort zones in thought, behaviour and character. After some time, these comfort zones get carved deeper and deeper into our psyche until it becomes they become channels of habit wherein our daily consciousness flows. With that, comes a limiting of the possibilities that we see open to us.

Change can happen. But at great cost. To our comfort zones, to our energy and spirit, even to our own identity of "self". Few are willing to go pay the price to redefine ourselves, and carve out new channels in the bedrock of life, unless something big acts on their lives to destabilize it.

Things of course, like death, debt and disease, that sometimes don't give us a choice BUT to redefine our lives so as to continue to exist. This redefinition, is seldom pleasant. For those of us not "fortunate" enough for things like that to happen to us, we can only hope that our own force of will and desire to strive and succeed is enough to overcome internal hurdles.

To those who have done it before, congratulations. Tell me your story so I can draw inspiration.

To those who are working towards change, keep at it. The road is long and tough. But you are not alone.

To those who are discontent with life, but have no desire to change, maybe you'll make the decision one day, maybe you won't. The anticipation of the bite is often worse than the bite itself. Whatever the case may be, I wish you well.


rinaz said...

I am a sexeh domestic goddess

Vandalin said...

rinaz: all hail the sexeh domestic goddess!

Karen said...

I ish the Queen MILF. I'm royalty!

Vandalin said...

karen: all hail the queen.