Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is Possible?

My brother recently made me read a book about violence in the real world. It is interesting because it goes beyond violence. It explore a lot of self defence, and mental states, and recovery from traumatic experiences.

This is a paragraph that I found really interesting.

"Permission and initiative combine to produce a force of nature. It is inhuman and hard to describe. You do what needs to be done without regard for whether it is possible, because nine-tenths of your 'impossibilities' are imaginary. Strange that a 110-pound girl believes that she can't hurt a 200 pound man, but an eight pound cat (especially if you dump a bucket of water on it) can and will do so without hesitation.

A small woman can punch hard enough to break ribs, and it is far less a matter of 'know-how' than it is of deciding to injure and then letting herself do it... in the end, the critical difference between me and them is that they have completely lost their allegiance to regular human suppositions about what is and isn't true, is and isn't possible.

They lose their sense of reality through chemicals, and sometimes I can give up mine and even the playing field"

- Meditations on Violence, Sgt. Rory Miller

Taking an extrapolation, what if it is not violence? What if this concept is applied to each and every aspect of our lives, our work and personal lives?

When we lose what our preconceived notions on what is possible, what can we achieve? Are we subconsciously limiting ourselves because we think that that'll make us fit in?

Thoughts to consider

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