Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Translation - 那就这样吧

Since a friend has asked me to translate the lyrics for her, I thought that maybe I should just cut and paste the lyrics here. For your reading enjoyment. This is of course, the literal translation. If you have any recommendations for changes, do let me know and I'll put it up.

Don't cry anymore
I should be the one that's crying
You've already said you love him,
What else can i do

I have already agreed
After you have stated your point of view
Let's not drag this along
We'll start (on our seperate ways) tomorrow

That's all there is
However deep the love, it's come to an end
So let's break up
No point struggling anymore

Don't ask me again
How I can let just you go
Go forth,
When you get there, remember to give me a call

That's all there is,
However much we love, we'll still say sayonara
Let's hug again
And I'll kiss your long hair again

Don't cry anymore,
Wipe your tears
How about this?
Love me again, if we're really fated together

Quickly go and pack your stuff
It'll be dawn if we keep dragging
Keep the keys first
In case you have things
In case you have things that you forgot to take

Chorus X2

Well that's the song, and the translation. Enjoy!

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