Thursday, June 10, 2004

The First Step

Well... there are some things that I realize that I hate doing. I realized that I don't like to repeat things too many times to too many people... why? Cos I am bloody LAZY!

But still there comes points in my life where I just gotta shout out to the whole world and tell everyone exactly what I feel and what I know. Every time I start talking about what being christian means to me, I can't stop. And now that I'm reading this book called the One Minute Millionaire, there's just so many things that I wanna tell the whole world! But, I'm lazy, so I decided to put it online, so all my friends will know exactly what's going on in this crazy Singaporean's life, and what's churning in the SEOW boy's head.

First, thanks Genevieve Tan... it's you who gave me the idea, and now I can talk to the world without repeating myself. Good Luck all you innocents out there... this boy on this tropical island is coming to get you... Muahahaha!

And now that that is done, High Ho Silver... AWAY!

It's 2am in the morning now, and I have just finished listening to the first of a whole series of audios on the Millionaire Seminar by Robert Allen, and Mark Victor Hansen. There are so many ideas!

Earlier this evening, I was listening to Robert Allen on the teleconference with Herman and Victor. Just before I left, Wins told me that whatever I learnt, I should share it with at least 5 people... Guess what buddy... I'm going one up on ya...;) It's on the NET, I'm sharing round the clock! (Told ya I was lazy)

Right, back to today's lessons. I think that the lesson that's just fresh in my mind right now is that when you wanna start something, 2 things one gotta have. DESIRE and COMMITMENT. Now desire I have, Commitment is something that I'm working on. I'm not a disciplined person, but there are things that I will do if I have the desire to. Waking up to watch Pokemon on Saturday mornings for example... Now let's apply those 2 concepts to other things, like, for example, change the world.:)

What do I desire? Do I want it enough to stay committed to that goal? I think that as I progress on in these buildup to the seminar, the answer to that question is an increasingly emphatic YES. I have slacked for too long, and been complacent for too much of my life. Now I'm deciding to Kick Ass, Take Names, and do all that, with a overwhelming sense of amazement, gratitude, joy and humility (well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad)

Reckon it takes a lot to get this lazy butt moving. But this time round after the accident, I think that it's about time to seize the moment.

God help me, I can't do it alone. I need help. Help me create a dream team that will make it happen. And in all things, lead me such that I will not move my eyes from the heavenly prize. Amen.

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