Thursday, June 17, 2004


When I woke up in a suite in the morning... it came as some kind of shock to me. Where the hell am I and what I am doing here comes to mind. Next question was where was shal? Is she alright? Oh no, she must be late for her ceremony.

Then I take up my handphone, and sees that she's so angry at me, that she wants to breakup and I'm like what the hell happened yesterday night?!

Panic, excused myself earliest opportunity possible and ran out. Feels terrible... but not having the foggiest about what happened the night before... SMS Shal, and she didn't reply, call her no answer. Took a cab to the Indoor Stadium cos I thought that's where she said the ceremony will be held. Not there.

Next location, Shal's place. nobody at home. Double Panic. Now starting to take stock of my situation. Decided to head home to change, and shower. I look horrible and reckon that I'll probably not make a good impression with her friends.

Decided on a systematic approach to searching. Few possible locations, of which I'll check all. Checked her house first, still nobody, then it was City Hall, nope. There's a chocolate shop though, so got some for her. Then Dance class at Tanjong Pagar. Nada. Probably still at the ceremony.

Then I realized that I have her mum's phone. So called, and got a reply. Said they were heading back to Loyang, and that's where I went. Chocolate starting to melt... not good...

Reached Loyang. Talked to Shal's mum, Shal was sleeping. When she woke she wouldn't talk to me, and said it's too late, and it's all over. Didn't know what to say, really... Brain blanked out. Followed her around, apologize, but she won't say anything. Went to her dance practice and sent her home, without getting anything more than a peep from her. At this point of time, of course, I was both confused, scared of losing her, and 1001 things going through my mind.

Got nothing out of her except she don't wanna talk to me, don't wanna even look at me... so ended up going home, even more confused and panicked and in pain.

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