Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Remember the Bird in the Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy? No, you won't find it in the movie, only the book.

It's the one entity in the entire universe that has got absolutely no filters, and hence no limits to the what in can or cannot know, or do.

I reckon that all of us people have filters. It's what makes us human. We need filters to survive, or else we'll be completely overwhelmed. With great insight, requires great strength of mind, and of spirit. Why else do you think that the great thinkers always are somewhat off?

Beethoven was schizo, Handel was a hedonist, I can't quite remember what Edison was, Einstein had 3 wives and never heard of a comb, and Picasso had a taste for ears.

I reckon that most of them had less filters than the normal person. And unfortunately most of them find it hard to bear the kind of knowledge and insight they were given. It must be a heavy burden, and a lonely one at that.

That aside, what kinda filters do we have? As people, humans, the things that we know, do we really KNOW them for sure? Children have no idea what is possible and impossible, and as a result come up with the most fantastic ideas. As we grow up, we acquire more and more filters. More and more people and the world tell us what we can or cannot do, what are limits are, what the boundaries must be.

What if we can find out what we do not know? How are we gonna do that? What if we challenge what we "know for sure" each and every single day? Where will we be in a week, or a month, or a year?

The other question of course, is will we ever be ready for this kind of growth? Will we be ready to accept the kind of burden, power and responsibility that comes with this kind of growth? Maybe that's why it gets harder as we go along, because we'll need the journey to get us ready for the kind of weight that end will take us.

I reckon that's a small little bit of infinity in every single one of us. A speck of the universe. What can we truly truly achieve if we live every day to the fullness of our ability?



Anonymous said...

wise post

Vandalin said...

shhh... don't say anything. It's a secret.;)