Monday, December 12, 2005


What IS hope?

I have been intending to write about this for a while now, but never got around to it. And now, with me on leave, and dragged out of my bed in the morning to take care of recordings... it seem like a good time to write.

Now I have been hearing this word, false hope getting thrown around way too much.

WTF is false hope? Now I understand false expectations. Something that was promised but the person that does it has not even the INTENTION of fulfilling it.

But hope? Hope is something that was intangible in the first place. It is hope simply because there is no expectation, just a wish for something to happen. Maybe something even less tangible that even that. It is an idea, a wisp of something to look forward to. That is hope. A chance that something will happen, no matter how slim that chance is.

To paraphrase Prachett, that the one in a million chance that happens nine out of ten times.

So, if that is hope, there cannot be false hope right? An oxymoron if you ask me.

Even when hope is NOT fulfilled, it still is necessary. Why? Because humans always need something to look forward to. Something outside of themselves to live for. It's just us.

That everyone needs dreams. Everyone needs hope, even if nine out of ten times hope doesn't work. It is that one time, that makes all the 9 times worth it. It is that 1% of the time, that people strive for, and achieve that makes we look forward to happen. That 1 time, and all the effort and disappointment is given meaning.

After all, when all dreams are over, either when we stop hoping, or by the fulfilling of hope, it's time to die.

May YOU have all your dreams come true, but ONE.


Kismet said...

Hope...thats a tough question for me. When to hope and when to stop hoping?

I think the basis of hope is expectation.You expect some outcome so you hope for it to happen. False hope is when an expectation is misrepresented and given. When a false expectation is created either by self or other, false hope is created as a by product.

Hope can make a person but also break one. The difficulty is knowing when to hope and when to stop.

Kismet said...

And may all my dreams come true by the my last day on this little earth..