Monday, December 26, 2005

It's a Wonderful Life

I have personally never watched this movie. But hey, I know that the Yankees are damn proud of it, and it's become something of a Christmas tradition to watch it.

Anyways, here's Jimmy Steward talking about his experience on the set. Christmas may be over, but here's a good reminder, whether or not it is the season for giving presents and wearing red and white jumpers.

And what really constitutes a present? I was struck by the sypnosis of It's a Wonderful Life. How an angel shows a "Nobody" exactly what would happen in this world if that person did not exist. How all his actions affected the people and lives around him, one way or another.

Ah, if only someone can show that to us. How will that affect our perception of ourselves? Or of the world? How would that impact our actions in the future?

For those that are close to you, if there was a way by which they can KNOW how they have made an impact in your life, or in someone else's life, it'll be a present that is truly significant.

Try it, it's just some pieces of paper and a pen. Who knows what would happen.

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