Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Folks from Beyond The Sea.

These pictures are taken from a time where I was a little younger. Good memories. And since I recently recovered my hard disk from my old computer, well.

Indulge my exhibitionistic streak. Heh.

When I was still fit in the army. Our last mission in Taiwan before ORD. The Bikees.

Jillian's 21st Bday in Scotland. Can you Guess which one of the people in the picture Jillian is? Andrew's the bf, or fiance, as the case may be. Guys, he's got the coolest FYP ever. He was working with a group of engineers to design an F1 Racing car that Mclaren will actually RACE.

Me, Stephanie and Ai Hsiang, in Maastrict, in the appendix of the Netherlands. When Stephanie came to Singapore, I bought her condensed milk and sesame seed oil.

Don't laugh, apparently they don't have condensed milk in Europe. So much for Dutch Lady being authentic.

Amanda ( on the right) put me up at her place when I was in Scotland. I love the Scots. Especially when just a tale on how Singapore's coolest temperature is 23 degrees celcius gets ya a free pint at the local pub. Oh, that's her best friend on the left. We were at Jillian's 21st. Refer to pic 2. Remember dammit!

These buggers got me WASTED the night before, then dragged me outta bed at freaking 8 in the morning to play paintball. This whole bunch features like mixed nuts. Literally.

From the left is Denmark (I think), Norway, Scottish, and Scottish Chinese. And they were trying to get into the pants of the french gals who lived opposite them. Peace on Earth.

Me and Derrick. The pool was in Myanmmar. In the Condo of the 1st Secretary of the Singapore Embassy. Piss off Keanu, we didn't even need wires.

I'll put in the places later on during the day.

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