Friday, February 24, 2006

Get This Party Started

Aight, listen up Niggas.

This is da MAN talking. So listen UP and listen GOOD.

My homie, DJ Funky T is burning up the decks tonite at CoCo Latte. So get yer ass down there and Par-tay. He be da BOMB.

So bling up, and getcher down for some tight booty shaking kick ass spinning cos this is gonna be a rockin par-tay. So good, yer NOT gonna need licker to get buzzed.

Check the details down below, and be there. Ya feeling me?

Interpretation. My mate, Ti Eu is spinning at Coco Latte tonight. It's going to be an OUTSTANDING party, cos he's a fantastic DJ.

Dress up and come dance. It's going to be so good, you probably won't have to drink.

Here's the details:

Place : Coco Latte, Gallery Hotel.
Date : Tonight, 24th Feb.
Time : 10pm onwards (ma Nigga hits the decks at 1am)

Kick ASS, mutha-fuka!! Peace.


javaricho said...

Is this urban ghetto post disco hip hop funk?

Vandalin said...

nah... straight RnB through and through. And it was GOOD.