Friday, February 03, 2006

Post New Year Thoughts.

I know I am Chinese.

Because the year for me doesn't seem to start properly till after a bout of too much food, some Ang Pows, and pyrotecnics.

Some of you already know that I got meself a tattoo just before New Year. No, I didn't get a No Entry sign on my ass, as I have said I would. It's more, meaningful. Something that I have had in my head for the longest time. Something that reflects my name.

Right now, the above-mentioned tattoo is making its presence felt, and itching like hell. AND the skin is peeling off. Just like the tattoo artist promised. The fact it's in a rather private place means that I can't really reach at it and scratch. Which probably is A Good Thing. Actually it feels like a small localized sunburn, but much more artistic. Or I'd like to think so. After all, I designed it.

Funny thing, Lunar New Year. We do things around this period that we would not do any time else. In fact, things that seem rather offensive usually seem just fine right now. I mean, think about it.

Wasting food - Have you seen Yu-sheng? This is the time where we can actually play with food, make a mess, and it's all for a good cause.

New Year Goodies - When's the last time you gorged on pineapple tarts, cakes, sweets and when's the last time your elders actually encouraged you to eat more of those unhealthy food? The Discovery Channel episode of the Alaskan Brown Bear gorging itself on salmon every year during season comes to mind. And like the bear, once satisfied, the average Chinese will not see these foods again for one whole year.

Drinking - Now this may not be common, but most of my extended family are teetotalers, at least on my dad's side. That means that they don't drink. At all. I must have gotton drinking genes from Mum's side. Anyway, this is the time where it's actually OK to booze a little. I introduced Kahlua and milk to them this year. And mum didn't throw a fit. THAT by itself is a bloody miracle.

Gambling - I will always remember that one time when I left my auntie's place. I was telling dad in the car,"Dad, it'll be damn zia-lat if the cops come now. Supposedly you can't have more than 2 tables of mahjong in the house at any one time. There's 2 tables in every room." Dad says that the cops probably won't care and that nobody's gonna get in trouble. Being young and innocent, I insisted that even if the normal cops don't care, what about the seniors, or the superintendants? The big shots will kick up a fuss if they found out that the grunts are giving biased treatment to just one house in the neighbourhood right? Dad stopped the car, turned around and looked at me. "Who do you think was playing on your grand dad's table?" Oh.

Music - Have you heard the RACKET they pass off for New Year Songs? I was actually talking to my friend and told her that I thank God that nobody has gotten creative and decided that it's a good idea to do it in RAP or RnB style. That saves me the trouble of hiding the bodies of the people who may be inspired to commit this sacrilege.

Red - Everything is in RED! ARRGH! That being said, nowadays there are less glaring shades of red and thank GOD my family's mostly christian, and as such, there is significantly less glaringly red banners around. There are some nice shades around too. Just don't ask me the colour of those shades. As far as I'm concerned, there's only bright red, dark red, and light red. That's as far as I go for red differentiation. I'll never understand how women can call red 239 different names. Seinfeld says this, and I agree... that if one goes to a cosmetic counter and ask for red, chances are that the assistant is gonna stare at you blankly and say,"I'm sorry, we don't carry that colour here."

All in all, CNY is a good excuse to meet all the family that you don't see throughout the rest of the year unless there are weddings and funerals. It is also a damn good excuse to set aside time to actually take care of all the things that you decide to put off till tomorrow. Things like cleaning out your room, paying bills, clearing clutter, et cetera et cetera.

Well, now that New Year's officially over, and it's back to work, it looks to be a truly interesting time, 2006... provided that the world doesn't end this year. Wait, that'll make it even MORE interesting, right?


Vandalin said...

i kid you not on hearing rnb and rap versions of cny songs...
I barely survived that trauma ever since i went past tht cd shop in toa payoh ~!!!
Sonya | 02.10.06 - 3:28 am | #

Vandalin said...

Where is the shop, Sonya? I go set fire to it...