Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Strange notices

Take a look. Ladies, be glad you're not a guy or a plumber. Be very very glad.

Life doesn't get worse than this.


zlel said...

"in the comfort of their own rooms"... whoever kenna have to write this letter obviously put some effort into it.

vintage.vogue said...

thats is so cute

im heading to the guys dorm now
checking on leaking pipes ???

Vandalin said...

VV - I'm not sure what kinda pipes you're checking on VV, but if you're a plumber, I won't mind joining the plumbing fetish that so many women have.

zlel - wanking off in their own rooms i understand. comfortable or not, that's another question entirely.

zlel said...

VV - hey that's a really pretty "V" there