Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ramblings Part II - On the Balance of Logic and Emotions

There is a rather prevalent belief out there, that emotions are bad, and logic is good.

Here's what I think.


Emotions at the end of the day, tell you what is really important to you. Decisions are mostly made according to what is important to us. Why are these things important? They just are.

Someone I really respected said that the beginning of love and hate is the end of logic. True. There is no good reason why we love something, or someone, and not another. Why we are attracted to someone, or something.

Emotions, and feelings in essence, give us DIRECTION, priorities, and meaning.

Logic is a wonderful thing. The way that human logic works, is to justify the things that you have already decided on.

The world as we see it is a reflection of what we "know" to be true. Points of reference that we believe to be "a sure thing". Logic just finds a way to connect those points into a picture, so that at the end of the day, we can comfort ourselves and go, "See? It all makes sense now. It's so LOGICAL I don't understand why you just don't see it."

All in all, there's got to be a balance, as with most things in life.

Where is that fine line where you draw? I don't know. You have to decide yourself. Me? According to an in-depth character analysis, I am 51% feeling, 49% logic. A balance you say?

Possibly. That just means, that instead of having at least one half of the world agree with me, I manage to piss off both halves.

Brilliant I say, abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Won't have it any other way. Heh

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