Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ramblings IV - On Fun and Growth

The last of the ramblings series, at least for now.

Why have we stopped growing?

Why is it that somewhere along the line of growing up, we actually start to fear change and run away from it, instead of embracing change?

Remember when we were younger, we actually craved growth?

Pain is not a factor, and we were not afraid of trying and and trying and trying until we succeed. In fact, the challenge of being frustrated many times before succeeding adds to the desirability of our goals, and whatever was challenging, was somehow, fun.

The euphoria of grasshopper- catching (the bigger and harder the grasshopper, the better. Remember the ones we call the tiger grasshoppers and the locusts?), the sheer joy of outrunning your friends in catching, the pleasure of strange creations made with lego bricks....

Yet right now, a lot of us fear change. It is almost as if we have lost that sense of fun that comes with growth and change, and we end up being complacent. We spend more and more energy ensuring things do NOT change rather than adapting to the changes themselves. We SETTLE down.

We start to value stability and status quo, and when things start to be different from what it is now, we start getting uncomfortable. We do so, to the extent, that only with great amounts of PAIN do we start changing, and every time it

Why is that?

When did change become tedious and scary instead of entertaining and desired?

More importantly, is there a way by which we can get back that sense of fun that comes with change, and is it possible for us to actually enjoy growth?

A conversation with a dear friend came up with this thought. What does it mean to grow old, really? Does it mean that we become more jaded, more tired and more rigid?

Or does growing old mean to be wiser, more accepting of both yourself and the people and world around you, AND have more enthusiasm than ever, simply you have sampled the wealth that life has to offer, and there's so much more to go?

Since change is the only constant in the world, might as well learn to enjoy the ride. After all, what's life without surprises and a generous helping of challenges? Some of it may not be fun, but hey, at least it's not boring.

Personal note: More physically damaging acts of senseless stupidity are done when a person is bored than at any other time under any other circumstance.

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