Monday, October 16, 2006

The Perfect World

This thought persistently dominated my waking and sober moments for the past week.

If I could change the world, what would my perfect world be like?

There will scenes of wonder and great beauty. Because it renews the human soul, and we need wonder in our lives.

There will be places of peace, solitude and rest. Because we all need to be alone with our thoughts, and put our burdens aside, if only for a moment.

There will be music. Because that is the language of the soul.

Emotions would be as important as logic, and both can find expression in the world.

There will be understanding, and empathy. And nobody attempts to force their opinion onto others.

Each person is reponsible for themselves and their own actions, and they actually understand that.

There will be occasions of challenge and pain, and trial. Because without these, the human spirit stagnates and dies. And because hope, love and faith grows best, when seeded in these.

Opportunity will abound for those who look hard enough, and those opportunities will blossom, for those who dare to take them, and have the heart to follow through.

There will be much more bad times than good. Only then will we learn to appreciate the good and while learning and growing because of the bad. Actually, they're all good, just a question of definition isn't it?

Nobody can tell the future, and everyone will just have to live each day that way. Because if we do know everything that'll happen, we just get bored, and boredem is paramount to death.

There will also be a WAYYY more sex, and whiskey, and contraceptives will be just a question of mutual agreement, rather than foil wrapped rubber.

Hmm... come to think of it, there really isn't very much I will change about the world as it is right now is there?

Perhaps it's the people, and not the circumstances in the world that makes the world perfect.

And maybe, just maybe, the perfect world is just a thought away. With the exception of the whiskey and the sex of course... heh.

Dolphins are the only other creatures in the world that fuck for fun.

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