Thursday, October 26, 2006

Look Into My Eyes

When was the last time you looked into someone's eyes?

I mean REALLY looked. Not just a glance, or around the face, but deep into the person's eyes.

Over the last couple of weekends, I am reminded that there is POWER in catching and holding someone's gaze, and the things this one simple act conveyed was tons more than whatever you are attempting to say. So why's nobody doing it?

I reckon, being all new agey, and philosophical, is cos the eyes are the windows to the person's soul. In taking a peep into the other person's inner self, you also offer up a piece of yourself for scrutiny.

There is an intimacy there, that goes beyond just words and normal action. In fact, an intimacy and openness that most folks will probably think that this guy must be really confident to catch my eye and not look away.

That's the metaphysical bit. Most of the time, people just brush it off by saying it's rude to stare and that they're kinda shy about it.

Still, because so many people are NOT doing it or can't bring themselves to do it, it makes someone who can pull it off without looking dodgy different, and maybe a little intriguing. Really useful too, especially in a club with loud music blasting like crazy, and the people on the dance floor's probably not really interested in discussing philosophy and doing 20 questions.

After all, body language is 70% of communication right?

So, excuse me, while I go right now, to grab some lunch, and stare some people in the eye.

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