Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Car Accidents and 4D Numbers

I believe this phenomenon only happens in Singapore.

I think I'll put it up on my top 10 things in Singapore that's uniquely Singaporean.

Whenever there's an accident of any sort, there is typically a jam. Now that is common. What is NOT common is the reason WHY there is a traffic jam.

It is not because of a narrowing of traffic. Neither is it cos you're concerned, and would call an ambulance for the poor soul (after all, using hps in cars are a big no-no... we cause more accidents cos both our hands are not on the steering wheel. I might delve into the inner workings of the government psyche, but I have not the willpower to keep my IQ artificially depressed).

Nope, more than half the time, it is to take note of the car plate number, so that the person can buy 4D or Toto later on. For the non-Singys, that's the equivalent of the lottery.

Oh the extent that people go to find inspiration for gambling. I have even had it happen to me before when my car blew a tyre on the ECP. This was in the afternoon when there aren't many cars around, mind you. And what happened, but a tailback started forming right behind my car.

Heck, when I dutifully put out the hazard sign the requisite 30 meters and attempted to change my car tyre, there were dozens of cars that starting switching lanes JUST TO TAKE NOTE OF MY CAR PLATE NUMBER. There is no other explaination for it.

In fact, with this desperation to find a muse for the 4D slip, there were several near misses and close shaves behind my car, possibly giving not only the first prize, but possibly the 2nd, 3rd as well as a couple of starters and consolation prizes as well.

And then my brain on overdrive, I was wondering to myself, hmm... what if I bought up ALL the 4D with my car plate number on it, and sold it to these gloating, inconsiderate assholes... make a quick buck and punish them at the same time.

Anyway, I took special note of the 4D results that weekend as well as a few more weekends after. Let's just say that this whole she-bang doesn't work.

What you can definitely know for sure, is that there's gonna be a jam if you're slowing down to look at the 4D number, your eyelid is gonna be twitching like mad, especially if there was a silver nissan sunny stuck somewhere at the back of the line.


zlel said...

mebbe u should have a garbage bag or something in your boot... so that when ur car goes down, cover your number just so that all those guys get nothin outta it :P

Vandalin said...

or maybe I can just scatter nails and tacks on the road so that those buggers will all blow out THEIR tyres too. Muahahah!

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Vandalin said...

You're most welcome, and thank you for the comment

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