Wednesday, November 23, 2005


A quick thought.

Why is it that certain lessons of life, and truths are best illustrated not by life itself, but by fictional, or even fantasy stories?

So much so that sometimes, facts and history books in comparison in the description and putting a point across.

In fact, I have realized that it almost seems that the more fundamental the lesson, the more necessary it be put across in story form.

Just a thought. Dinner beckons. And little in life is more real than the growl of the stomach.


zlel said...

Mebbe our hearts are built with the exact opposite specs as our brains - such that the simpler a truth is to our brains, the less our hearts have the courage to believe in its validity?

Vandalin said...

Some say that it is so that the heart learns the lesson, and bypasses the ego.

But you have a point there...