Friday, November 18, 2005

Finally, Pictures from Halloween

Ah yes, the pictures from the Halloween party. The one big party in the year, that got me to try my absolute best to stay away from partying on a weekday. I am not as young as I used to be.

You will realize there is a lack of make up on my face. Yes it is true. My naked face is by FAR the scariest thing on earth.

This is me with my Big Buddy Faz. No I am not drunk, I'm trying to look non-chalant. The "Dao" look just don't cut it for me.

I'm gonna go try and perfect staring down at people. I perfected the furrowed brow and the single eyebrow raise. I can master a good snobby, atas look.

That's Faz comparing who's got the bigger mouth.

I think Faz wins hands down, that's why the chap masquarading as a depressed Death is pissed off.

Methinks even Death needs some joy juice sometimes.

Siggh, is it my lot in life to always be oppressed by women?

NO I say!

They're just trying to keep me down, cos they know I'm so hot. Maybe they have better luck hiring full time bouncers instead.

One big happy family.

We met a couple of Shal's friends at the club, then proceeded to start a couple of dance fights. For the less literate among ya, it's when a group of people form a circle and take turns to get in the middle to bust their moves.

The lady in the pick fur hat is someone who got attracted to the commotion and joined in. We KNOW how to get a party started.

Yes, I know. My bo chub look looks sleepy this time. I'm working on it!

This whole obsession with skin whitening products goes to a whole new level. Or maybe she's albino. But hey, what do we Singaporeans pledge? "Regardless of race, language or religion" Right? I happen to take my pledge very seriously, especially when it comes to women

Though she is a bit of a cold fish, but I still managed to get to her in the end. Speaks loads about my charm doesn't it?

A couple more of pictures more to go....

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