Sunday, November 06, 2005

Couch Potato

I never thought I can be so slack, but I actually spent nearly the entire day in front of the television. Why is that?

I have no idea really.

Almost like the greater the motivation, the greater the slumps. But that just might be an excuse for myself.

No clubbing, no parties this weekend. I think everyone has overpartied over the last weekend. After all with 2 holidays in one week, I reckon even the most hardcore kid on the block will be wiped out by today.

I found a picture on my friend's friendster. Here, take a look. I doubt I'll ever be a camwhore, but hey... one picture doth not a camwhore make.

Yeah, I know I'm hot.

Other trivials, Lyd came back from Oz and added to my alcohol collection. THANKS SIS! But seriously, chilli in butterscotch schnapps? Hmm, I need to get someone to testdrive this first... I wonder if it's the wussy ang-moh chillis or are they gonna pack a punch like the chilli padi. Any volunteers?

Been feeling lerthagic recently... and reading through the I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams, vs Way of the Superior Man... hmm... I'm still trying to integrate both sides of the coin into my own system. Wonder how I can get my cake and eat it.

In the mean time, I'm just wondering why my brain seem to have gone on holiday. Well I'm not gonna venture a guess.

Tomorrow it's gonna be 7:30am at city bayview... sheesh.

Another time, friends, when my mind has come back from its holidays.

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