Wednesday, November 02, 2005


This will probably be the last time I'm heading out to club without a holiday the next day. I am really getting too old for this shit.

Right now I still feel like Death warmed over, and my brain activities are near absolute zero. If someone came and took an MRI right now, my guess is that mine might be mistaken for the coma patient in the hospital. My eyes tracking the letters on the screen? That's just REM of deep sleep, with my eyes open.

Why is it that I feel so lerthagic? Honestly I don't know. Emotionally I feel like I flat lined as well... Nothing is exciting me, nothing is depressing me, nothing is making me high or low. Damn, this is cause for concern. IF I can get up enough energy to be.

Funny thing is, I'm also watching my DVDs after I come home, instead of heading straight to bed, like I know will be good for me. What the heck is wrong with me? Hmmm...

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