Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Masochism and Achievement

I have come to a realization over the weekend. This is an epiphany.

Ladies and gentle souls, I have realized, that the truth of the matter is, that achievement is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to Masochism.

Eh? What do ya mean, I hear you say... I'm sure Donald Trump and Sim Wong Hoo don't have a a closet tendancy to wear scrap leather and be spanked by tall, blond, whip wielding Amazons.

Shows ya how much you know about them don't ya?

No, seriously. I have realized that the achiever in life has come to a rather... unique view on life. Their WORK is actually FUN to them. In fact, the harder it is, the more difficult the going, the tougher the problem, the MORE they enjoy it.

One of the main reasons why Trump has the things he has now, is simply because he is hugely interested in the art of making deals. The bigger the deal, the higher the stakes... the more exciting it is for him. Kinda like finding the secret ultra tough level on your latest computer game, and the perverse pleasure of conquering that stage.

The computer geek gets a high score, recorded on the comp. Trump's high score is in cold hard cash, which he in turns goes onto the next stage and finds the next tougher stage to clear.

See the co-relation? It's strange that the epiphany comes when I am doing the direct OPPOSITE. I have slacked across the entire weekend at home. In doing so, I have realized that my spare time is spent on doing whatever it is that I value the most. In this case, watching the tango scene from Scent of a Woman 3 times, and admiring the yummy blond that danced with Al Pacino.

Then I realized, looking back at the things that I would do if I had the money to, or that other people would do, I realized that the common man's (or woman, or child) response to excess cash, or excess time is to.... SLACK OFF!

THAT is the one thing we hold closest to our hearts!

A strange thought then occurs to me, on the irony of life. That if I want to be able to slack off, I have to NOT enjoy slacking off. In other words, I have ACTUALLY turn into a masochist. Work must equal fun. That when I have free time, I actually must naturally gravitate towards... WORK.

Looks like it's time for me to go shopping for leather accessories, eh? Anyone free this Saturday to indulge in a little deviant behaviour?

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distressed princess said...

Kindda reminds me of how I felt like crap after slacking off an entire week just becuz i felt it'll feel damn gd.
Which it didnt.
Which again points to that i need to go against my grain and do what i don't naturally like doing and feel gd after having actually done that.
Life is wierd but hey, we'd be overweight beanbags if it were so easy...
(fun in work is created, not forced - you'll just end up kiling yourself more man)