Monday, November 21, 2005

Dumb and Dumber

My first speaking experience to an audience of 42 people went without a major hitch on my part. But not really able to engage the audience. Damn. I must be losing it. Must really brush up my presentation skills again.

Anyways, being sick that day does not help. Was a little woozy. But the fun over the weekend just begun. Over the rest of the day, my voice gradually dropped. It's like suddenly I have a limited store of voice, and now, I am rapidly burning up my reserves.

Saturday night and I have not much voice left. Sunday morning. I work up, and I realized, I CAN ONLY WHISPER!

Hell, that's not even talking. That's textured AIR!

Anyways, ever tried planning a get together for somebody, and NOT be able to even talk? It's freaking torture I tell you. And add that to the lack of sleep. Thank GOD for modern technology.

Right anyway, weekend is over, and right now, I sound like Cookie Monster's grandfather. Maybe I'll get my voice back tomorrow as a bday present.

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