Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How do you make US$1 Million in 5 months with just $100?


Look at this kid. Basket. Of all the inane, ridiculous, impossible things in the world, he's selling PIXELS?!!?!?!

It's like getting a hard disk and selling disk space to everyone in the world. FARK!

Damn this is an MTV moment.

PS. I have decided that MTV is filled with absolutely psychotic, absurd, overwhelmingly meaningless things, and things SO stupid, so far beyond a lack of sensibility that it's poked a hole and come out the other side. Don't believe me, take a chance and look at Aiya House, on MTV whatever things.

PPS. Question though, if I get a lobotomy, do I also get hot women? Might actually be a decent trade off...

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