Thursday, January 19, 2006


From Richard Marcinko

"I have an existential relationship with pain. My pain exists so I can demonstrate to you, my constant and gentle readers out there, that I am inexorably... alive."

Right about now, my dear friends, I am very Very VERY much Alive. Just started doing my push up and crunches routine again. You know, Mon, Wed, Friday, push ups. Tues, Thu, Sat crunches. And I am reminded in no uncertain terms.

Edmund, You-Are-Not-Fit.

My arms hurt, my neck hurts, my chest hurts, my back hurts. This means I must be Doing-It-Right. Wait, my abs aren't hurting as bad. I'm increasing the number of reps next week.

Yup, I'm masochistic. I blame 6 years of getting used as the Judo club sandbag for this sad state of affairs. On the plus side, I am indestructible, and I am at my most graceful doing a Jackie Chan, ie flying through the air for a whole second before Newton reminds me again about gravity.

On the down side, I hate gyms, and therefore the chances of me hooking up with a hot fitness instructress that would privately spot me for squats is so infitesimally minute that there's a higher possibility of humans coming from apes (I'll give you my take on evolution another time). In fact, the most significant memory of the 2 times I visited California Gym, is getting checked out by other guys. And trust me, they weren't just comparing.

Now this is the surprise. For all the pain I'm feeling, I'm actually feeling better and more focused than ever. Is it the longer sleeping hours? (I'm waking up later now. This is NOT GOOD) Or cos of the exercise?

I'm trying waking up at 6:30 am tomorrow. No, I haven't done that since the last time I said I'll do it. Sue me.

I'm even thinking about getting to office early in the morning so I have some time by myself. My goodness, I'm turning into Anthony Robbins. I hope my mouth doesn't grow larger. It's big enough as it is right now.

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