Sunday, January 08, 2006

Before the Storm

I love rainy days. The one thing I like more than the rain, is the time just before the rain comes down.

That feeling of static in the air. Expectation, anticipation. It almost seems as if the world is waiting for something to happen.

A faint smell of ozone, the rumble of thunder rolling in from the distance. The heavy, almost sticky moistness of the air giving way to a breath of faraway freshness every time the breeze stirs.

I always take a moment to close my eyes, and take breath in, I can feel my body fill with POTENTIALITY. I feel the energy in me rise, straining at the leash, just waiting to be unleashed. My fingers and toes tingle, the veins in my body roar silently, and the flow seems smooth, continuous, endless.

And when I breathe out, the confined flow spreads out to every pore. Not peace, but a certain stillness, like the calm before the storm. With every breath, the sensation mounts, building layer upon layer.

It is a fine balance, between control and absolute abandon. The thin line, that endless instant. And the first drop of rain falls, and the dam holding the flood breaks.

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