Thursday, January 05, 2006

A RE-found friend

I just stumbled on a long-lost friend when I was blog-surfing. I am absolutely ecstatic!

Worked with her in BCA, and then after that drifted off when I left and she went off to study Down Under.

When she came back last year, I was busy as heck with my work.

MEEES TAN! How's OZ???

I am booking you for June when you come back, understand? You do NOT leave until you have had coffee with Da Man!

Ok, back to work.


gen4sure said...

*laughs* just a wk of not reading ur blog.. it has doubled in abundance..... YES YES! must hv COFFEE together when i'm back in SG..been a while since i've talked to a positive individual.... *laughs*

Vandalin said...

surely OZ isn't that depressing? There's cheap beer for goodness sake!

You can have the coffee. I'll take tea. Coffee decreases my rate of bladder control.

gen4sure said...

*laughs*..its ALL but a waiting game..just how this time is being used..... nah.. applying for the PR here..and thus, everything comes to a standstill except time.... i need AWESOME motivation!!!!! haha..