Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Anything for a Brudder.

Right, I just remembered a brudder's request for more pictures, cos the words are straining his brain and his eyes.

And since he's now down with eye infection, I shall hereby aggravate his condition in an attempt to cure it. Don't understand? Simple. Traditional chinese cure of "以毒攻毒".

See too much porn, get eye infection? See picture of brudder, feel better. See? Simple isn't it?

with friends like these who needs enemies??? (previous pic removed on request)

not that I'm unfit, the pomelo is really heavy what!

Fine, don't believe me...

Can you believe I'm hungry?

And finally, the reason why I don't really like straight forward shots.

At least when I'm making faces, I can put the blame on something else.

Speaking of Brudders, I don't care what other people say about ah bengs. I think that they're truly decent, genuine people underneath all the hype and misplaced machismo.

I have always found it easier to relate to the "hokkien peng" types without an automatic shield snapping up. Maybe cos I always know where I stand with them. Maybe it's because they're generous to a fault to their brudders, and always stand by them. And once you're accepted, they'll go through hell and high water with you.

Maybe it is just that they're that much more genuine. There's definitely a kopitiam-sitting, Tiger-drinking ah beng under this facade of civility.

And if you F*** around with my brudders, your ass is mine.


sÞ¡ηηєє said...

the photo reminds me of 阿牛


ۍupernaturaL яoץ said...

Poor Brudder. :D

Vandalin said...

Spin, flattery will get you everywhere. Heh...

Roy, he'll live. As long as he can still watch soccer with the brightness turned down, he'll be fine. Maybe he can play soccer with cool shades...