Thursday, January 12, 2006

Little by Little, One Step At a Time

Not everyone can go out and change the world in huge dramatic ways overnight. That however does not mean that we cannot do something about the world around us.

If you have EVER watched a nature show on TV, you will know that the rainforests are dying every day. Ah well they're on the other side of the world, and anyway what can we do?

We can.

Remember the Lifedrops program that NKF used to do? Every month, $1 or $5 or $10 gets deducted from the people's pay and put into the charity. Hey, I didn't join, simply cos it was frigging NKF (even in those times I smelt a small furry rodent). Still, let's give credit to those jokers for coming up with such an insidious plan and use it for good.

Know the straws that you use? They're not biodegradable. Stop using so many straws all the time. I remember a friend telling me one time in Secondary school that if the straw gets dumped into the sea, they find their way into the breathing holes of dolphins and other sea creatures. I have stopped drinking from straws unless absolutely necessary (like Chin-chow or flaming lamborghinis).

The plastic bags that one uses and dumps choke up sea creatures and hurt the reefs. Sea-turtle heads that get caught in plastic bags and cannot free themselves (no fingers and opposable thumbs remember?) literally suffocate to death.

On the same note, for dececy's sake, if nothing else, pick up rubbish from the beach and dump it in the trash can. This is not freaking Timbuktu, where there's 21km between each dustbin.

Fishermen, don't chuck your unused fishing line or nets into the sea. Small creatures that get caught in the net just struggle, but if larger creatures like turtles and sea mammals get their mouths caught in them, they starve to death. A stupid number of dolphins, manatees, sharks and turtles are killed by drift nets. Fark, they're on top of the food chain. What else do you think can get THEM other than our own convenience?

Stop eating shark's fin. Go for something of equal atas-ness, but taste as good, like abalone or buddha jumps over the wall. After all cut a sea cucumber in half and leave it for a month and you have two sea cucumbers. Personally I dunno about this obsession with abalone. It's glorified rubber as far as I'm concerned.

Go to the rainforest site and click on it every day before you do anything else. 11.2 square feet may not seem like much, but if we do that every single day, and get more folks to join in, we'll save HUGE tracts of rainforests in no time. Lemme see, 11.2 sqft a day that's 4088 sq ft of land a year... that's about 4 times the size of my office. Now if all you jokers out there do it all together now, we may just be able to buy Brazil in about 3 years.

Get the government to FREAKING put recycle bins in the relevant places, like in housing estates for example! I don't know which IDIOT came up with the idea of putting it in town, where nobody stays, when most of the trash is generated either at home, or in industrial estates. I am surprised nobody said anything till now. Now which big shot in what agency do I tell to bend over so I can kick his head out from inside his ass?

Nothing much right? Seem like little things, but together, the impact is IMMENSE. $1 every month, and Durai is farking rich. Go figure.

It has been a long standing belief of mine that if anyone can find a way to make a ton of money from conservation, we'll see a heck of a lot more effort from the big corporations. So, anyone wanna save the world AND become a billionaire?

Now if only someone can find a way to extract some penile enhancement drug from mosquitoes, you'll see them making the endangered species list and the gratitude of half the human population on earth. Not bad, for a pay off eh?


Anonymous said...

you sound angsty my friend

The Horny Bitch said...

Why didn't ur interracial r/s work out??

I'm guilty of not loving our environment. I ought to be shot!

Vandalin said...

nah... sometimes just frustrated of that defeatist attitude that some folks have.


Vandalin said...

See the email on the front of my blog, HB? Use it... I'm confused whether to answer you here or on your blog. I think it best via email.