Sunday, January 15, 2006

Racial Harmony

I have an issue with racial tolerance. I don't think it means anything.

My friends from other races and I have discussed this many, many times before. But since this is my blog, I'm putting MY opinion down. The rest of ya, are allowed to comment all you want.

My take is that just cos you don't beat another guy up for the colour of his skin and eyes, is not in any way to be defined as "a good thing".

True, it's less bad than getting pounded for being born with a permanent tan, or with melanin-gifted skin, but really, is that ALL we're aiming for?

I don't think that ignoring the colour of skin is a good solution either.

Granted, the colour of the skin is a shortcut for people to assume things about each other. Their culture, upbringing, perhaps even habits and traits, as well as their social taboos. For the sake of courtesy and one's survival in a world with more than one race, one cannot ignore the usefulness of getting certain cues on behaviour from the colour of the skin.

Examples? It's safe to assume that you're not gonna ask your malay colleague out for lunch during Ramadan, or if you have an indian friend, ask if it's alright to eat beef in front of them.

Now that being SAID, assumptions help to save time. Treat it as a religion and God's own truth, and we're all in trouble. Yeah, we'll have to walk the thin line of moderation again. Life's a bitch isn't it? Tough but true.

Right, ideal scenario? The same as every other arguement, or disalignment of opinion in the world. AGREE TO DISAGREE! The only time when I feel that's achieved is when everyone's comfortable with each other's difference.

To the extent that we can tease each other about it. I will holla out to some of my closer indian friends,"Oi, Mama!" and the typical response is,"Ya what, Mun-Gen?"

There are certain unique features about every race, so revel in the difference! Boring right? Everybody exactly the same.

Lemme see if I can list down all the interesting stuff about the various races that I noticed in the clubbing context
  • Indians are generally excellent communicators. Need a refund of a discount on the drinks? Send them.
  • Malays are damn easy-going and easy-to-talk-to. They dance well too. So they make the perfect clubbing companion.
  • Chinese are self-effacing (usually. Not me though. I'm honest). They'll sit one corner and drink, so they're perfect for reserving seats.
  • Ang Moh are uninhibited, and most males can't dance, unless they're gay. They provide the entertainment. Look at one, and you'll actually feel there's hope in the world.
What would Singapore be without variety? How much better does it get? And then after that, over the perfect supper, we will eat prata, Bah Kut Teh, and Tulang. Sometimes even at the same place. Enuff said.

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