Sunday, January 22, 2006


I was obsessed one time about improving my balance. As a kid I was clumsy and accident-prone like mad. I still am accident prone, just maybe, a little less.

It's like I broke a room full of mirrors. I'll run and catch my leg on my own foot and fall. I cycle and crash on a regular basis at East Coast Park. Even when it's not my fault, and trying NOT to crash. I have kicked and missed a soccer ball, hit my head and went to hospital for mild concussion.

Me and a motorbike gave everyone in class the ego boost they need to know that things are really not so bad after all. They nicknamed me "Jackie Chan" cos I was crashing so much.

So I went on a campaign to actually improve my balance.

I will walk on all the raised concrete ledges next to the drains. On the bus, I'll try to not use the hand rails. I would see how long I can stand on one foot in front of the door at the mrt station. Yes, even did that stupid stunt with Miyagi standing one legged on a piece of wood, except not by the beach. I'm glad I didn't break anything important.

Balance seems critical to everything. At that time I was in Judo. I was trying to minimize the number of times I stared at the ceiling from a horizontal position. Then it was dance, which I sucked. I'm surprised that my dance instructor actually remembers who I am.

And now, with life, it seems essential for everything else. Gals I realized, are EXPERTS at balance. If they don't have it, they want it. Take the example of... the perfect man.

Gotta take charge, yet know when to relent
Knows his direction in life, but can bend to her needs.
Focused on his carrer, but still have her as one of her most important priorities
A fantastic lover in bed (But hey! where's he gonna get the practice?)
Established financially, but one questions of they can spare their man the effort, time and energy that it takes to get there.

The list of contrasting, mutually exclusive traits carry on and on.

In relationships as well, balance is critical. I think the one that truly needs both parties to keep to the straight and narrow, is the fuck buddy. Or, the friend with privileges.

Gotta be a good friend that one can have coffee and drinks with. Gotta be physically attracted to each other, but not emotionally drawn. Gotta have the sex, but not the emotions, and be free to see other people. Gotta have mind-blowing sex with each other, yet not develop emotional attachments. AND you gotta have schedules that don't clash.

Tough isn't it? So far, I have met a couple of people that fit the bill. One is married now, and I was invited to her wedding. I attended gladly. Another, decided she found the man of her life, and is now confining her social circle to a grand total of one.

Anyone else out there that's eligible?

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