Wednesday, October 12, 2005

California Fitness

No, I have not relented in my NO GYM policy... after all, like what my brother said, all one needs to do for upper body, is just handstand pushups to train the muscles that push, and pull ups... well to train the muscles that pull.

The rest of the body? Well, legs, just STOP TAKING LIFTS. and waist, nothing 200 crunches won't solve.

I went there primarily cos they have been bugging me. Make an appointment, go down... look at the inane, idiotic machines I know i'll never use.

Reason I went down is simply cos I wanted to meet Zan face to face. Zan is the sales guy that has been calling me up. EDMUND HAVE YOU TURNED GAY?? Shush! Shut your filthy mouth! Never will I give up my love for the fairer sex.

Nope, I have not become deranged from whiskey deficency. Yet. It's cos I had a conversation with him on Monday night about what HE wanted to do. And about coming out and finding your own path in life.

Yes yes, it's the old speech about how you can live your dreams now... Why wait? And all that... He seems rather affected by it, so I reckon, hey, why not? See what this chap is all about.

On the plus side, maybe, he'll get shaken out of his repose and actually do something about the whole situation, then after that succeed and live happily ever after with his American gf. And as a reward for this good deed, I was given the opportunity to ogle at this TRULY hot chick.

Hmm... when I truly retire, I'll go work for Cali simply for eye candy.

That'll be AFTER I take my revenge on the French for making us pay shitloads of money for tiny lil bits of food they call gourmet. Wonder if another definition of gourmet is small crumbs of food on big plates. Or the french word for "idiot".

On the negative side... my car got shat on AGAIN by birds!!! Freaking asshole birdbrains that use cars for cannon fodder! Here's another thing to add to my list. Take a gun to Orchard and BLOW those fuckers outta their freaking nests.

No wonder most of the car parks are below ground. FUCK!


PacificHot said...

Only dorks call it Cali. People 'in the know call' it Cal.

You're Welcome

Vandalin said...

Why thank you! Now that I'm cooler by that much, I'm still avoiding Cal except to ogle.